Conroy Baker Ltd is an OISC registered company offering advice and assistance on a wide range of UK immigration visa services to individual and corporate clients needing assistance with UK visas.

We offer services to small to medium-sized businesses and large corporates for sponsor licence applications, enabling them to recruit overseas talent. Our target clientele is from a wide range of sectors including IT, Education, Retail, Beauty, Healthcare, Mental Health, Construction, Manufacturing, Ecommerce and Film Production.

We also work with individual clients, offering broad support across all UK immigration categories. So, whether you are planning a holiday or want to relocate to the UK to study or join a family member, we can help with your UK immigration matters.

At Conroy Baker Ltd, we understand the importance of seeking reliable help and professional services when it comes to immigration. It is our process to take the time to understand your UK immigration needs in order to provide the most appropriate solution at a competitive price

Our Mission - Conroy Baker Ltd: Success, Innovation, Connectivity

Our Mission.

At Conroy Baker Ltd, our mission is a trifold path to success, innovation, and connectivity.

We stand at the crossroads of opportunity, where UK immigration services, digital marketing strategies for UK businesses, and international marketing solutions for companies looking to enter the UK market converge.

Empowering Dreams, Facilitating Journeys.

We are dedicated to simplifying the complex landscape of UK immigration, ensuring individuals, families, and professionals navigate their pathways to the UK with confidence and clarity. Our expertise transforms the intricate process into a seamless journey, unlocking the potential for new beginnings and prosperous futures.

Elevating UK Businesses in the Digital Realm.

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, our goal is to catapult UK businesses to the forefront of their industries. By crafting bespoke digital strategies that resonate with their target audience, we enhance online visibility, engage communities, and drive growth, ensuring our clients not only survive but thrive in the digital era.

Bridging Global Ambitions with UK Opportunities.

Our international marketing expertise serves as a beacon for overseas companies aiming to establish or expand their presence in the UK market. We provide the insights, strategies, and support needed to navigate the UK’s dynamic business landscape, turning global ambitions into local successes.

At Conroy Baker Ltd, we are more than a company; we are a catalyst for growth, a navigator for journeys, and a bridge for global ambitions.
Our mission is to empower, elevate, and connect, creating pathways to success in the UK’s vibrant ecosystem.

Our Values.

At Conroy Baker Ltd, our core values are the bedrock of our identity and the compass that guides every aspect of our operations.

These principles shape our interactions with clients, influence our strategies, and define our path to success.

Core Values of Conroy Baker Ltd

Customer First: Your aspirations are our priority. We believe in putting our clients at the heart of everything we do, ensuring your needs and goals drive our actions. From personalized immigration advice to tailored marketing strategies, we’re committed to delivering solutions that not only meet but exceed your expectations. Your trust is our most cherished asset, and we strive to nurture this relationship with transparency, responsiveness, and unwavering support.

Passion: Our team’s fervour for making a difference is what sets us apart. We’re passionate about empowering individuals and businesses to achieve their dreams in the UK. This enthusiasm is reflected in our tireless pursuit of knowledge, our dedication to staying ahead of industry trends, and our commitment to leveraging our expertise for your benefit. We’re not just your service provider; we’re your enthusiastic partners on your journey to success.

IntegrityExcellence: Striving for excellence is ingrained in our DNA. We’re committed to achieving the highest standards of quality in our services, ensuring meticulous attention to detail, innovative solutions, and outstanding results. Our pursuit of excellence means we’re continually improving, learning, and evolving to serve you better. Whether navigating the complexities of immigration law, crafting cutting-edge digital marketing campaigns, or devising strategies for international market entry, we aim to deliver unparalleled excellence.

Meet the Team.

Hemang Laaheru, Director at Conroy Baker Ltd

Hemang Laaheru


Hemang Laaheru is OISC registered advisor with more than 15 years of experience in advising and assisting clients in UK visas and nationality matters. His clientele includes companies, individuals in 26 countries around the world including UK, USA, India, Dubai (UAE), Saudi Arabia, Zambia, Kenya, Singapore.

Hemang has worked with 500+ businesses across diverse industries like IT/ITES, Gems & Jewellery, Retail, FMCG, Fashion & apparel, Education, Engineering helping them to successfully enter the UK and set up operations.

He has worked with businesses in the UK to apply for sponsor licence to hire the best international talent for their businesses.

Conroy Baker Ltd Team


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