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Conroy Baker Ltd is an OISC registered company offering advice and assistance on a wide range of UK immigration visa services to individual and corporate clients needing assistance with UK visas.

We offer services to small to medium-sized businesses and large corporates for sponsor licence applications, enabling them to recruit overseas talent. Our target clientele is from a wide range of sectors including IT, Education, Retail, Beauty, Healthcare, Mental Health, Construction, Manufacturing, Ecommerce and Film Production.

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How an Immigration audit can safeguard your Sponsor Licence

When you apply for a sponsor licence, you have to prove that you can meet the responsibilities that come with it. Once you get the licence, you must continue to follow these duties.

Significant Modifications to the Sponsor Licencing Process to Promote Hiring Will Affect UK Visas in 2024

Employers and foreign citizens residing in the UK will be much relieved by the Home Office’s recent announcement that they will no longer need to renew sponsor licences every four years.

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