Our CBL Growth Campus offers a comprehensive suite of services to fuel the growth and success of both startups and existing businesses. We offer subsidised workspace, acceleration support, company formation, companies house compliance, raising pre-seed capital for early-stage startups.

We’re here to help entrepreneurs and start-ups innovate and grow.

Our Business growth coaches provide a range of company specific market entry, research, and expansion services for businesses in the UK. Helping companies understand the opportunities, shape your strategy, and make informed decisions about exporting, investing in, and growing in the United Kingdom.

Leveraging our first-hand experience and expertise, we analyze the impact of trends, offering context and insightful analysis. Geared to evaluate your business, our experts conduct thorough diagnostics to assist you in determining the optimal market strategy for your enterprise.

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Plan market visits to the UK.

Business professionals engaging in a strategic market visit to the UK for valuable insights and networking opportunities.

Visiting the UK offers a valuable platform to gain insights, forge connections, meet prospective partners, and assess potential opportunities. We specialize in crafting personalized market visits and orientation programs tailored for businesses exploring the Indian market. Our meticulously planned visits not only provide a glimpse into Indian business culture, but also furnish essential contacts to empower your decision-making process.

Creating a tangible presence in the UK could be the strategic move to capitalize on the opportunity. However, undertaking such a commitment can be intricate and overwhelming. At CBL Growth campus our Business Growth Coaches (BGCs) offer a sophisticated, risk-mitigated, and budget-controlled solution, providing you the flexibility to enter the market, cultivate your brand, and engage with targeted clients. Your dedicated consultant, employed and fully supported by us, ensures a seamless process.

Business growth coaches.

CBL Growth Campus Business Growth Coaches guiding a client through successful market entry in the UK.

Incorporating company in the UK.

Incorporating company in the UK - Conroy Baker Ltd

Your strategy may require the set-up of an UK legal entity. Choices to be made are not comparable to other markets, and advice varies. CBL Growth Campus our Business Growth Coaches provide a free consultation service and provide the transparency, clarity and understanding of your requirement. We hand-hold all aspects of set-up and most importantly create the ongoing eco-system to support your ongoing financial and legal compliance.

Attracting skilled and entrepreneurial individuals is crucial for your success. The UK boasts a diverse talent pool with qualified international professionals, but the key to your success lies in identifying the right individuals for your business. We guide you through the entire process, providing support from initiation to conclusion. Our assistance includes navigating the UK job market and comprehending employment practices, ensuring a swift and effective search for your ideal candidate or candidates.

Recruiting talent in the UK.

Recruiting Talent in the UK - Conroy Baker Ltd

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