A quick intro to UK Expansion Worker visa

  • The UK Expansion Worker Visa, which permits international companies to expand in the UK, is a part of the “Global Business Mobility Visas” category.
  • If your application for a UK Sole Representative visa is turned down, this option has replaced the UK Sole Representative visa path.
  • If a senior management or specialised employees—including business owners—can meet the eligibility criteria to apply for a UK Expansion Worker visa, the firm may send them.

Important Benefits of a UK Expansion Worker Visa

  • You can bring your family to the UK.
  • NO English language criteria barrier.
  • Apply for Settlement in the UK in 6 years.
  • Best route for SMEs and MSMEs.
  • 5 business members may apply simultaneously.

What requirements must be met before applying for a UK Expansion Worker Visa?

There are several requirements you should check before applying for a UK Expansion Worker Visa. If you fail to meet any eligibility criteria to apply for a UK Expansion Worker visa, it can lead to your visa application refusal.

A legit Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) from your UK-based company is among the most crucial requirements.

You require a “Certificate of Sponsorship” in order to be eligible to apply for a UK Expansion Worker Visa –

  • A “Certificate of Sponsorship” is a digital document produced by the employer based in the UK.
  • Each certificate includes a reference number that applicants can use when submitting a visa application.
  • A Certificate of Sponsorship is only acceptable for three months from the date stated on the certificate when you receive it from the employer.
  • Your employer, who is situated in the UK, shall state in the letter of sponsorship:
  1. The applicant’s name must be confirmed (you must provide your name).
  2. Verification of sponsorship as a UK Expansion Worker
  3. The salary and benefits given by employer
  4. Information on the role, job title, responsibilities, etc.

You must have a history of working for your firm outside the UK

  • You make more than £73,900 each year.
  • You are a citizen of Japan and employed by a Japanese business that is expanding to the UK.

You must work in a position on the list of eligible occupations

  • You will need your job’s 4-digit occupation code before you can determine whether it qualifies.
  • This information is generally mentioned on your CoS.
  • Once you know your occupation code, check whether it is on the “list of eligible jobs”.

Salary criteria for a successful UK Expansion worker visa application:

  • At least £42,400 must be paid to you annually, or the continuing rate at your work, whichever is higher.
  • The yearly continuing rate varies according to the profession code.

What is the procedure to apply for a UK Expansion Work visa?

  • Application must be submitted online.
  • To access the application, Click here..
  • Provide adequate documentation and identity proof.
  • Fill your application and add all the supporting documents.
  • Contact our UK Expansion Worker visa specialist if you need help understanding the requirements to apply for a UK Expansion Worker visa.

A UK Expansion Worker visa’s cost

  • The application price is £259, and the immigration health surcharge fee is $624.
  • You also need to provide evidence that you have £1,270 in your own bank account to maintain yourself after you arrive in the UK (You don’t need to pay £1,270).
  • You can accomplish this by enclosing bank statements from the last six months that indicate you have adequate money to meet the expense.

The duration of a UK Expansion Worker visa’s processing

Online applications can take up to –

  • If you are applying from outside the UK, approximately 3 weeks.
  • If you’re applying from the UK, it will take 8 weeks.

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