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Apply for your first British passport

Once you have acquired British citizenship, you can submit your application for a British passport. After registration or naturalisation, this document will enable you to demonstrate your nationality as a UK citizen.

A passport is a travel document that grants you unrestricted entry and exit from the country. It can also be used as identification to access benefits and services and serves as proof of authorization to work, enrol in school, and maintain a permanent residence in the UK.

Obtain a British passport

How can you obtain a British passport?

You may apply for a passport using one of the following procedures:

  • Online
  • Check & Send Service at the Post Office
  • Post

Documents to be submitted

What documents you must submit when you apply for a UK passport?

You must make sure that all of the documents you include with your application are originals. Although formal copies of the proof that you are unable to gather can be obtained, photocopies are not accepted. You will need the following documents to apply for your first British passport:

  • If you were born in the UK prior to January 1983, your birth certificate or adoption certificate
  • If you were born in the UK after January 1983, documentation of one of your parents’ immigration status is required
  • If you were born overseas, your birth certificate, naturalisation documents, or registration
  • Any other supporting documents
  • Someone who can verify your identification (if you are submitting an application on paper)
  • You must also offer a certified translation if your documents aren’t in Welsh or English

Essential points to remember

  • The name that appears on your papers and the name on your passport should match
  • If your name has changed, your application must reflect the new name
  • All of your maiden or previous names must be listed
  • Any previous UK passport you may have held must be entered
  • You must be 16 years of age or older (or will be in three weeks) to apply for an adult passport
  • A passport for an adult is valid for ten years
  • After your application has been processed, all of your supporting documents will be given to you separately from your passport
  • If you would want to track your shipment, you can pay an extra fee for a secure delivery
  • Your responsibility will be to provide a legitimate UK address where your papers and passport can be sent
  • Any private information requested or utilised during your interview will be deleted following the issuance of your passport

British Passport Application Fees

What are the British Passport Application Fees?

Updated fees as of May 2023.

Apply Online Paper Application
Adult (16 and over) standard 34-page passport £82.50 £93
Adult (16 and over) 50-page frequent traveller passport £93.50 £104

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