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One of the most common questions people ask after applying for a UK visa is, “Has it been approved?” We know that applicants put a lot of time and effort into their visa applications, and once they’ve submitted their UK visa application, they can’t help but wonder about the outcome. The waiting can be stressful as you eagerly wait to hear back about whether your visa has been approved or not.

The time it takes to process your UK visa application can differ depending on the type of visa you’re applying for and where you live. It might be hard to keep track of all this, so the easiest way is to check the official UK government website or contact visa and immigration consultants who can tell you how long it usually takes for your specific situation.

We understand you’re worried, and in this blog, our UK visa experts will explain the complex process to help you figure out if your UK visa has been approved or rejected.

How will you know if your UK visa is approved or rejected?

To find out if your UK visa has been approved or rejected, you can use the UK Visas and Immigration online services (UKVI). The UK Home Office will notify you about the status of your visa application, whether it has been approved or rejected.

The following steps can be used to get this essential information

Track Mail Call
Check the status of your UK visa application by visiting the VFS website. Visit: Specifically, you will receive an email or letter detailing the outcome of your UK visa application. It will provide you details regarding further procedure based on the decision. Call the UKVI contact line to inquire about your visa status over the phone. The contact centre is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday to Friday.
Look for the ‘Track your application’ section on the website after selecting your current country of residence and the country for which you have applied for a visa. You can also track the progress of your UK visa application by paying for an email, which is more likely to go to the caseworker handling your particular visa application If you have registered your mobile number when you applied for your visa, you may also receive a SMS notification when your visa status has been updated
Enter the required details on ‘Track your application’, such as your last name and Reference Number present on the invoice/receipt issued by the Visa Application Centre, as specified.

How will I know if my UK visa is approved?

If you are outside the UK

If you’re outside the UK and have submitted your passport as part of your visa application, you’ll get it back with a stamped vignette containing information about your visa. If you provided your biometric data at a visa application center and you’re planning to stay in the UK for over 6 months, you’ll receive your biometric residence permit (BRP) after arriving in the UK.

If you are in the UK

If you’re in the UK and used a smartphone app to verify your identity, you can access your immigration status information online. Additionally, you’ll receive your biometric residence permit (BRP) as you are in the UK.

The information displayed in the vignette or online immigration data provided to you will include:

  • Details of the approved visa category, such as the name of the category (for example: UK Innovator Founder visa, UK Skilled Worker Visa).
  • Visa validity information, including the start and expiry dates.
  • Requirements specific to your visa.

What should you do next if the UK visa is rejected?

If your UK visa is refused, you might feel disappointed and frustrated. But it’s important to understand why it was refused. If your UK visa is rejected, you’ll receive a letter or email explaining the reasons for the refusal. If you’re eligible to appeal the decision, the information will be clearly stated in the communication from UKVI.

Appeals are assessed by the First-tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber). You need to submit your appeal within 28 days from the date of the decision letter. It’s important for applicants to thoroughly review the notification, understand why their application was rejected, and then consider their available options. Following the guidance provided by UKVI is crucial to navigate the next steps effectively and make informed decisions about your visa application.

Once you understand why your application was refused, you can begin to tackle those issues and aim for better results. When you reapply, ensure you include all the information and documents requested by UKVI in the decision letter. If you’re thinking about appealing the decision, seeking legal advice from professionals is crucial. Getting a UK visa might be challenging, but it’s important to remember that you’re not alone in this process.

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