Home Office reveals important dates for the implementation of new wage thresholds for Overseas Workers

The Home Office has unveiled a set of new wage thresholds for foreign workers, marking a significant shift in the immigration landscape. The government, in its bid to regulate legal immigration, had previously signaled a series of reforms, including substantial increases in the minimum salary requirements for various visa categories.

Home Secretary James Cleverly, in a statement on Tuesday, provided details on the implementation dates for these changes.

1. Restrictions for Care Workers

Starting from March 11, 2024, reforms will be enforced to restrict care workers from bringing family members (dependents) to the UK. Simultaneously, care providers sponsoring migrants will be required to register with the Care Quality Commission.

2. Skilled Worker Visa Salary Threshold

From April 4, 2024, the minimum salary for individuals applying for a Skilled Worker visa will see a significant rise from £26,200 to £38,700. This adjustment reflects the government’s efforts to align wages with economic realities of UK.

3. Family Visa Income Threshold

From April 11, 2024, there will be staged increments in the minimum income threshold for workers bringing dependents to the UK on family visas. As of this date, individuals must earn a minimum of £29,000 per year, up from the previous threshold of £18,600. However, no specific date has been announced for when this threshold will surpass £29,000.

The Home Office reassured that applications submitted before the enforcement of these changes will be assessed under the previous rules. This clarity aims to provide stability to those already in the system while aligning with the government’s broader immigration strategy.

The announcement also included projections by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), estimating a potential increase in the UK population to nearly 74 million by 2036. Net migration is anticipated to contribute around six million people, with an additional one million people aged 85 and over in the next 15 years.

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