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A UK Sole Representative visa was perfect for a business looking to diversify internationally. Britain is one of the top jurisdictions in terms of offering a welcoming business environment to overseas business owners.

  • The route allowed the holder to act as a representative of a foreign company to establish a registered branch or a wholly-owned subsidiary of the parent company in the UK.
  • The UK Sole Representative visa route was an attractive option among investors and business people because of its feature that allows the holder to open a branch of their overseas business in the UK without any investment.
  • It was also suitable for employees of news and broadcasting agencies working on a long-term project in the UK.
  • The route was open to applicants that are senior employees in the company but are not the majority shareholders.
  • The applicant could take dependents under the UK Sole Representative visa, the applicant’s husband, wife, or unmarried partner, and children under 18 years.

Benefits of the UK Sole Representative visa

  • International presence.
  • Access to a bigger market.
  • Bring a partner or children (under 18 years) family to the UK.
  • Settlement in the UK and eventually British citizenship for the main applicant and their dependents as well.

Employee of Overseas Newspaper

Employee of Overseas Newspaper, News agency, Broadcast organisation

A Sole representative visa can also be applied for by an employee of an overseas newspaper, news agency, or broadcasting organisation, who is being posted on a long-term assignment as a representative of the media company.

It is possible for the overseas media company to have more than one representative in the UK at the same time.

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