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UK Unmarried Partner Visa

The UK recognizes cohabiting couples as UK unmarried partners, recognizing that a relationship does not necessarily require marriage.

To apply for a UK Unmarried Partner Visa, you must be in a relationship with a person who is either a British citizen or who has Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) i.e. settled status in the UK.

You will be first granted a leave to enter the UK for a time period not exceeding 33 months if you meet the eligibility criteria for this particular visa category.

To be eligible for an Unmarried Partner Visa in UK, however, the applicants must show that their relationship is genuine & subsisting, according to the UK Home Office.

Genuine & subsisting relationship

What does it mean to have a genuine & subsisting relationship?

According to Home Office regulations, unmarried partners must have lived together for at least 2 years before submitting an application for an unmarried partner visa in the UK in order for their relationship to be considered genuine & subsisting.

Prove cohabitation

How to prove cohabitation for a UK Unmarried Partner Visa?
Applicants can evidence cohabitation by providing:

  • Rent agreements for both partners or property purchase registration records in either partner’s name or jointly
  • Utility bills for the residence where the partners shared a home

In certain cases, they may also provide letters from both partners’ parents attesting to their awareness of the relationship and cohabitation.

Financial requirement

What is the financial requirement for a UK Unmarried Partner Visa?

You and your partner must have a combined income of minimum £18,600 a year
You will need to prove extra availability of funds for your children

  • £3,800 a year for your first child
  • £2,400 a year for each additional child

English language requirement

English language requirement for a UK Unmarried Partner Visa?
As per the UK Immigration guidelines, anyone applying for a UK Unmarried Partner Visa must show proof that they are proficient in English. An applicant may meet the English language requirement in one of the two ways listed below:

Qualification in education

You may submit a diploma or other academic credential that UK NARIC has determined is comparable to a UK bachelor’s degree or higher. OR you have received a degree or other academic credential that was studied or taught in English

English proficiency test

You must obtain at least a CEFR level A1 in speaking and listening on the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) and provide a passing certificate

Documents required

What are the documents required for a UK Unmarried Partner Visa?
Typical documents to apply for an Unmarried Partner visa include:

  • Identity documents of the applicant and sponsor
  • Evidence of meeting financial requirements e.g. salary slips, bank statements
  • Evidence of cohabitation

Evidence that the relationship is genuine and subsisting e.g. personal bank account statements of the unmarried partners’ or their joint accounts or those with the partner listed as a nominee, pictures showing the couple together on holidays, or with their families,

  • Evidence of meeting the English language requirement
  • TB test certificate (where this is a requirement)

The above list is not all-inclusive, but if one can gather these documents, their application will certainly be on the right track to get a UK Unmarried Partner Visa.

Fees to apply

What are the fees to apply for a UK Unmarried Partner Visa?
Following are the fees to apply for a UK Unmarried Partner Visa:

  • £1,538, if the application is being made from outside the UK (entry clearance stage)
  • £1,048 if the application is being made from inside the UK (extension/FLR stage)
  • Plus, an Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) of £624 for each year that is granted to your visa
  • You have to pay this Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) at each stage of your visa application

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