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Returning Resident Visa – Overview

An individual qualifies for Resident when they have been given permission to stay in the UK without any time limit. However, it is possible that due to certain reasons as resident may be required to leave the UK for extended periods, a returning resident is a resident who has left the UK and wants to return to live in the UK.

An individual may apply for a returning resident visa if they:

  • were settled in the UK before they last left; and
  • have been away for two years or less; and
  • are returning to live here permanently; and
  • were not given public funds to pay the costs of leaving the UK.

If the individual has been away for more than two years they may still qualify to return to live in the UK. They would be required to demonstrate that they have strong family ties in the UK or have lived there most of their life. The applicants would be required to apply for permission to return (known as ‘entry clearance’) at the British diplomatic post in the country where they presently reside

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