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Dependents of Points Based system visa holders

Family members of migrants who are in the UK on points based visas meaning Tier 1 Investor dependents, Tier 1 Entrepreneur dependents, Tier 1 Graduate entrepreneur dependent, Tier 2 general dependent, Tier 2 Intra company transfer dependent, Tier 4 student dependent, would be allowed to enter the UK as dependents if they are from outside European Economic Area (EEA).
A ‘dependant’ is any of the following:

  • husband, wife or partner
  • child under 18
  • child over 18 if they’re currently in the UK as a dependant

Dependants applying from outside the UK

If the dependants meet all the relevant requirement of the dependant visa, then they would be required to apply online. After the online application form is submitted, the applicant seeking entry clearance as a dependant would go to the Visa Facilitation Service Center to submit all the supporting documents. At the VFS Center, the applicant would be asked to provide his biometric information (i.e. fingerprint and digital photograph).

Dependants applying in the UK

In certain cases, the dependants can apply to extend or switch their visas to stay with the migrant if they’re already in the UK. They should apply using the dependant application form.

They can apply at the same time as the primary applicant or at a later date by post, or in person at a premium service centre in the UK.

While applying for a dependent visa it is not possible for the applicant to ‘switch’ the visa from within the UK, this means that Family members can’t apply in the UK as a dependant if they hold a visitor visa and have entered the country on a visitor visa. The applicants will be required to return to their home country to make a fresh application for seeking entry as a dependent.

The visa is granted for the same duration as the visa of the main applicant.

For dependent children, all arrangements for children’s care and accommodation in the United Kingdom must comply with relevant United Kingdom legislation and regulations.

For all dependent visa applications, it is necessary to show that the applicant and the sponsor will be able to support themselves without any recourse to public funds. This is also called as the maintenance funds requirement.

We have helped hundreds of clients get their dependent visa for their wife or dependent children to join them in the UK. These applications can appear to be complicated due to the recent updates where the UK sponsor must meet requirements of maintenance funds.

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